Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Ctrl + Z syndrome - A step backward

Ever spilled the brewing tea and looked around for the undo button in your haste??

Many a times we wonder what if life came with an "undo" option!!! But alas now that it doesn't the next big question is what when something goes wrong? Should one move on or fall back or try and mend it? Move on to the next unknown risk or fall back on the old known ways?
The Known Possible or the unknown probable??

The Five Fingers

They say none of the five fingers were made alike because each have a purpose of their own. So we can guess the origins of the "har ek friend zaroorii hota hai" concept.... any how is that reason enough to justify the varied personalities rambling around. And even if it is how do you put up with the most unwanted ones? Why do people who are not worth as per our judgement, bug us so much then? They must have some function of their own right? Still why does it become near impossible to accept them for what they are? Making it a herculean task to maintain decorum in the presence of the clique