Friday, 15 June 2012

the third team

Is there a definite right and wrong in the world we live in? How far is it justified to state a person or action to be either right or wrong? Isn't there a void for a third category as well? Are we even entitled to be executing this branding of the world into the correct and incorrect? Are we not the ones biased by our personal perspective like everyone else is and is one biased person fair enough to adjudicate another biased person? Can we fully do justice to understand the circumstance and perception of the person we so coldly form an opinion about?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

never do the right

When it comes to sex never do what feels right... so says hollywood housewives. Why restrict to that ... the sense of right and wrong good or bad would be non existent if everyone everywhere did everything right, right? So cheers to the errs for they keep the world going. Right is the known way of going about something wroung is anything unknown. great mistakes have been great discoveries so says the history of mankind... so celebrate life, celebrate the shortcomings, and do it the Wrong way for that might just be a new Right!

Not the last judgement

So, I suggest when you are told a judgment about someone pay some heed to it, sounds bad?? But true. Discovering for yourself the dark sides of a person is not that easy to the self, or to your peace of mind. People talk, the crowd gossips, but that need not always be as baseless. Nothing happens without a reason.
Every move you make is subjected to indelible judgement, and none of it is ever forgotten.

Is Good enough???

The magnanimous monster "Kumbhkaran" was known to have said  it could be easy to be good to a good person the challenge is to be good with the not good. But how far can one manage that? How long can you be good to someone without judging that very person? Selflessness and unconditional love are not as easy to come by. And with the constant conflict of perceptions, attitudes and mindset its not that easy to not get affected by anything at all... So is good enough? or do we always want others to be better while we ourselves may not be good enough