Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wat next

Dear Designs….
You are spread all over my room, you are the reason I have not been out of this place for the past 12 odd, you ae the result of a lot of prior research n a look at cool stuff….
But y o y don’t I still like u .. y am I typing this while I sud b working… there is a “huge” pile of work piled up over the last weeks….
Where is my show picture perfect paisley???? 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

"Road is hilly, don’t be silly
No race, no rally, enjoy the beauty of the valley
This is a highway, not a runway
Be soft on my curves
If married, divorce speed
Faster will see disaster
Slow drive, long life
Fast won’t last
No need for over speed
Speed thrills but kills
Hurry makes worry
Arrive home in peace not in pieces"
 courtesy : ""

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shave or crave

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Well, its quite a blogging question aint it... shave or crave???

Originality has no compitition, and I believe a man is at his best while he is original. and while I love him all that eternally, shave or no shave hardly matters. and its quite an experience to witness that progress towards a stubble and back. Its like being a part of everything about him. Its about loving every facet.

But yea if I am really keen on it and bent to keep the stubble out... I have my ways ;)
NO shave =
2. No cozy together movie watching evenings
3. U R not meeting my mom ... or SISTERS and FRIENDS ;) <poor u>
4. My next gift to u is a shaving kit <jeez no1 gifts that to my dad nemore so u better be quite ashamed of urself>
5. Next to that if u r still on ur way to grow that forest on ur face : I buy u a anti lice shampoo as well

Thursday, 13 December 2012

End of close

life brings with itself its end, and each day inches to its close. Death itself is not sad, it is the mark of an end. The finishing line, the buzz reminding the end of time. But for a person having lived to the fullest, it is the final completion. Another achievement, He worked, he played, he loved and he died. What is sad however are the circumstances shrouding it : the tears, the heartbreaks, the absence and the unsaid.
If there is anything after now , I wish you well, nevertheless i shall remember you well
Love you Nanu (dadua)

Loneliness is at times a bliss... Alone in this picturesque frame that was my liberating statement to avoid missing company. But on second thought that statement might just b true. spending quality time with yourself might be just what one needs to see things clearly, to realize the worth of the people around, to appreciate life. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

From shiva

"Hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is love gone bad. The real opposite of love is Indifference"

Well said Shiva..... The stronger the hatred the stronger is the attachment. Only in detachment is real peace, vengeance or sacrifice.

Bartering Happiness for....

A lot of Gives and takes make it happen. Give what you want to take that is the only assurance of getting it your way. No relation can survive on its own it requires both ends to make a voluntary effort to keep it keep the magic ALIVE.
The world works that way. and so does the society and even personal relations...... At the end of the day eachone barters a smile for a smaile

A patriotic post

One of those nights with endless coffees...and ... ahem.... so TOI blogs are actually good i discovered.... and i came across this:

Life in Delhi - with smog, without water - expecting reforms Veeresh Malik 

08 November 2012, 09:32 AM IST

and a reply to this went on the lines of  "instead of complaing move over to a civilised country. if this is not possible move over to dubai, abu dhabi. things will get worse in all indian cities. i have worked for good environment in delhi. it was hopeless. sheila dixit is a corrupt old woman hanging on to power..." 

and so forth

And I really really wish to react:
When one fine evening you realize your room's gone messy what do you do?? move over to your neighbor's immaculate abode???  
I understand looking for best opportunities but relocating to a new nation just because yours is not livable anymore???? That's disgraceful.  How is that such people even consider themselves civilized??? Civilization is about building societies, about establishing prosperity.... this treacherous thought is one fitting the stone age perhaps....

Are you "in"?

A dilemma?
Are you up the pathway from "Interfering" to "Indifferent" to "ignoring".... Confusing how people react. I had someone discuss a rather curios situation. When you talk a lot bout her she takes it as interfering, talk less and you move to being indifferent and are supposedly ignoring her. What is a poor soul supposed to do exactly??.... Never really got across the "space" issue between people who are together, like together together.... I mean live single and have all the space you want,(with the current population crisis, that is quite a challenge in itself). But really if space is what you desire why even have a partner???
Any how strange how the mind works at time eh??

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Is it something one ought to lose to get along with someone? Compromises though necessary are not free as it may seem.  It's like filling a tank one drop at a time, which when over glows takes one along n down under. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A moment

Moments are points in the ever progressing procession of time. Never ending never stopping. Moments are what makes us, our lives, our memories, our existence. One of the many things that sets us humans apart is the wondrous ability to remember, to carry forth an assimilation of the past and the present into our tomorrows. One moment that we share today will pass for sure, but what shall remain forever etched is its memories. Some extended moments we are destined to share with people we learn to love, and then the moment passes and one moves on to the next moment. Neither too good or to bad on its own, just another moment to live and make most of. People who come together to a moment finally close stage in each other's memories. So before you act today think what the memory would be like tomorrow. Adieus. 

when you lose to gain

A loss might at times gain a lot more than one might expect. To fall is not necessarily to go down, to fall never calls for utter pessimism. When you fall in love with the right person, you rise. When you lose yourself to get the best in you. When you give up on yourself and find yourself at the pinnacle of someones' unceasing compassion. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Some moments catch you off guard and sweep you to the center of a hurricane of emptiness. Those are the times you lack "fillers" in your life. Priorities need be thought of. Work Family you name the list and yet you find those blank interstices when you got nothing

too much testerone

its true men are from mars and women from venus... and when it comes to putting up with aliens man is it a horrendous task. Possible.. even happy but not for long...and certainly never forever...

Friday, 15 June 2012

the third team

Is there a definite right and wrong in the world we live in? How far is it justified to state a person or action to be either right or wrong? Isn't there a void for a third category as well? Are we even entitled to be executing this branding of the world into the correct and incorrect? Are we not the ones biased by our personal perspective like everyone else is and is one biased person fair enough to adjudicate another biased person? Can we fully do justice to understand the circumstance and perception of the person we so coldly form an opinion about?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

never do the right

When it comes to sex never do what feels right... so says hollywood housewives. Why restrict to that ... the sense of right and wrong good or bad would be non existent if everyone everywhere did everything right, right? So cheers to the errs for they keep the world going. Right is the known way of going about something wroung is anything unknown. great mistakes have been great discoveries so says the history of mankind... so celebrate life, celebrate the shortcomings, and do it the Wrong way for that might just be a new Right!

Not the last judgement

So, I suggest when you are told a judgment about someone pay some heed to it, sounds bad?? But true. Discovering for yourself the dark sides of a person is not that easy to the self, or to your peace of mind. People talk, the crowd gossips, but that need not always be as baseless. Nothing happens without a reason.
Every move you make is subjected to indelible judgement, and none of it is ever forgotten.

Is Good enough???

The magnanimous monster "Kumbhkaran" was known to have said  it could be easy to be good to a good person the challenge is to be good with the not good. But how far can one manage that? How long can you be good to someone without judging that very person? Selflessness and unconditional love are not as easy to come by. And with the constant conflict of perceptions, attitudes and mindset its not that easy to not get affected by anything at all... So is good enough? or do we always want others to be better while we ourselves may not be good enough 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Ctrl + Z syndrome - A step backward

Ever spilled the brewing tea and looked around for the undo button in your haste??

Many a times we wonder what if life came with an "undo" option!!! But alas now that it doesn't the next big question is what when something goes wrong? Should one move on or fall back or try and mend it? Move on to the next unknown risk or fall back on the old known ways?
The Known Possible or the unknown probable??

The Five Fingers

They say none of the five fingers were made alike because each have a purpose of their own. So we can guess the origins of the "har ek friend zaroorii hota hai" concept.... any how is that reason enough to justify the varied personalities rambling around. And even if it is how do you put up with the most unwanted ones? Why do people who are not worth as per our judgement, bug us so much then? They must have some function of their own right? Still why does it become near impossible to accept them for what they are? Making it a herculean task to maintain decorum in the presence of the clique 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chains that set you aflight

She walked weighed down by a number of norms upon her dainty shoulders, bent double by the encumbrance of expectations and desires. Her tender frame yearned for respite. Of the customs of civilization she had been weary long enough. She lived an existence toiling to come up to the expected and more often insisted. When they show you what you are supposed to be, only then are you moved to spot the disparity between that and what you would wish you were. The chains that bound her stirred the dreams and hopes within her and she found her escape.

While others see your confinement, you rejoice soaring away at your hearts content. for a while they were all upon you knotting upon you the inexhaustible shackles of  civilization. But you found the haven  that sets your wings flying enrapturing you with the boundlessly extended bindings. Shedding behind the feathers of unsolicited authority,you soar high. Higher treasuring within your wings the winds of ethnicity. The initiation of your outrageous flight being provided by the shackles that were meant to never let you go. Now that you have taken your soul to the wind, those are but the chains that set you aflight

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Empty vessels

Sound much, or do they? Really any vessel would sound when dumped together, irrespective of the contents... And yet none do, kept singularly. Cups and saucers, pots and pans, glasses and bowls, plates and spoons, forks and knives! Clink clank clink clank…
Nothing is complete on its own. No one is complete on their own. The black the white, the rich the poor, the male the female, the darkness the light - One wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the other. There wouldn’t be the comparison, the distinction of their existence, their being or their creation. If it weren’t for our sleep, how the hustle of awakening should be defined.  All are delineated by the conflictions, by what is around us. We are circumscribed as much by what we are not as by who we come to be.
Everything is relative, related, interlaced into a beautiful connected verse foretelling one another’s story. Are you who you are or are you what you are not?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

I once had a bitch …. & I loved her

Yes and she died o fortnight ago. Well that’s not the subject tonight, that story for some other day. Oh! So it’s the month of “love”. It’s Valentines. So let’s talk Relationships… And hell is it complicated. Love, life, quarrels, arguments, break ups, heart breaks and the "I – love- you – truly-madly-deeply" stories. Well, life cannot always remain a fantasy can it; every dream has got to be woken up into reality hasn’t it? Then why expect the magic to last “forever till death doeth us apart”
Probably he fashioned life to be such just to savor the fun from up there… To watch you make much ado about nothings, cry over trifles, and laugh at silliest things… He knows what’s in store to happen while we chalk out our plans and make resolves or determine the conclusions.
Indeed no relation is perfect for ever. Simply because it’s not supposed to be so. That’s how we are, the male and the female- highly compatible and highly conflicting. A glass half full is also a glass half empty. True! But it’s not the same thing to say. Just differences and perceptions which are momentous. Arguments, trouble times happen cause- hello! That’s how it’s meant to be. Probably why it’s never mention precisely how long “happily ever after” actually is. There has to be two sides of every coin like the two banks while any river flows. No person could singularly be blamed, for an argument both parties are partially at flaw and the greater error is in not acknowledging that they are mistaken. Neither of a rivers bank gets sweeter waters…
If he is being a dog you must have been a bitch. If she was a bitch you are being a dog.
Simple logics you see. At times its her at times its you. And so is the sync kept going. Relations might have been made in heavens but they are meant to be treasured and maintained though a lifetime. It  takes patience and care , selflessness and sensibities. Love is a magic, but it has to be performed and practiced and never forsaken into one another’s faults. If you keep your love alive all through the storms, If the and tears and kisses follow each moment of hate melting it into hugs, Bingo! You would have won yet another battle of life. It’s a matter of belief in yourself, trust and the understanding you share… What happens is all you have reaped through your actions. Shirking the blame doesnot really shift it. So brace up to say that sorry and appreciate the happy times with a promise that next time would always be a fresh reason, all old issues being corrected.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why am I doing This?!

Ever had that question nagging at the back of your head?? “why the…umm hell am I doing this?”.. must have been more than once right?? On Google-ing it what you get (other than “why am I doing this” vidioes and lyrics) is a host of sites that donot answer that question for real for you… Probably no saint or psychiatrist could do that to your contentment.

When on the loss of all logic, all you need is a time to think it all over 
again.. and if that doesn’t come by all that easily throw it up at times 
mercy call it your hard luck… run it down ash it away… 

An artist’s unfinished vision

A sketch undone, A Painting incomplete, The scribbles that could have been masterpieces but never were…For the many things unsaid, the reasons unexpainted, for the thoughts unexplained I bring to you..
“Blabbering Biatch”