Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wat next

Dear Designs….
You are spread all over my room, you are the reason I have not been out of this place for the past 12 odd, you ae the result of a lot of prior research n a look at cool stuff….
But y o y don’t I still like u .. y am I typing this while I sud b working… there is a “huge” pile of work piled up over the last weeks….
Where is my show picture perfect paisley???? 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

"Road is hilly, don’t be silly
No race, no rally, enjoy the beauty of the valley
This is a highway, not a runway
Be soft on my curves
If married, divorce speed
Faster will see disaster
Slow drive, long life
Fast won’t last
No need for over speed
Speed thrills but kills
Hurry makes worry
Arrive home in peace not in pieces"
 courtesy : ""

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shave or crave

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Well, its quite a blogging question aint it... shave or crave???

Originality has no compitition, and I believe a man is at his best while he is original. and while I love him all that eternally, shave or no shave hardly matters. and its quite an experience to witness that progress towards a stubble and back. Its like being a part of everything about him. Its about loving every facet.

But yea if I am really keen on it and bent to keep the stubble out... I have my ways ;)
NO shave =
2. No cozy together movie watching evenings
3. U R not meeting my mom ... or SISTERS and FRIENDS ;) <poor u>
4. My next gift to u is a shaving kit <jeez no1 gifts that to my dad nemore so u better be quite ashamed of urself>
5. Next to that if u r still on ur way to grow that forest on ur face : I buy u a anti lice shampoo as well

Thursday, 13 December 2012

End of close

life brings with itself its end, and each day inches to its close. Death itself is not sad, it is the mark of an end. The finishing line, the buzz reminding the end of time. But for a person having lived to the fullest, it is the final completion. Another achievement, He worked, he played, he loved and he died. What is sad however are the circumstances shrouding it : the tears, the heartbreaks, the absence and the unsaid.
If there is anything after now , I wish you well, nevertheless i shall remember you well
Love you Nanu (dadua)

Loneliness is at times a bliss... Alone in this picturesque frame that was my liberating statement to avoid missing company. But on second thought that statement might just b true. spending quality time with yourself might be just what one needs to see things clearly, to realize the worth of the people around, to appreciate life.