Thursday, 15 November 2012

From shiva

"Hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is love gone bad. The real opposite of love is Indifference"

Well said Shiva..... The stronger the hatred the stronger is the attachment. Only in detachment is real peace, vengeance or sacrifice.

Bartering Happiness for....

A lot of Gives and takes make it happen. Give what you want to take that is the only assurance of getting it your way. No relation can survive on its own it requires both ends to make a voluntary effort to keep it keep the magic ALIVE.
The world works that way. and so does the society and even personal relations...... At the end of the day eachone barters a smile for a smaile

A patriotic post

One of those nights with endless coffees...and ... ahem.... so TOI blogs are actually good i discovered.... and i came across this:

Life in Delhi - with smog, without water - expecting reforms Veeresh Malik 

08 November 2012, 09:32 AM IST

and a reply to this went on the lines of  "instead of complaing move over to a civilised country. if this is not possible move over to dubai, abu dhabi. things will get worse in all indian cities. i have worked for good environment in delhi. it was hopeless. sheila dixit is a corrupt old woman hanging on to power..." 

and so forth

And I really really wish to react:
When one fine evening you realize your room's gone messy what do you do?? move over to your neighbor's immaculate abode???  
I understand looking for best opportunities but relocating to a new nation just because yours is not livable anymore???? That's disgraceful.  How is that such people even consider themselves civilized??? Civilization is about building societies, about establishing prosperity.... this treacherous thought is one fitting the stone age perhaps....

Are you "in"?

A dilemma?
Are you up the pathway from "Interfering" to "Indifferent" to "ignoring".... Confusing how people react. I had someone discuss a rather curios situation. When you talk a lot bout her she takes it as interfering, talk less and you move to being indifferent and are supposedly ignoring her. What is a poor soul supposed to do exactly??.... Never really got across the "space" issue between people who are together, like together together.... I mean live single and have all the space you want,(with the current population crisis, that is quite a challenge in itself). But really if space is what you desire why even have a partner???
Any how strange how the mind works at time eh??