Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shave or crave

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Well, its quite a blogging question aint it... shave or crave???

Originality has no compitition, and I believe a man is at his best while he is original. and while I love him all that eternally, shave or no shave hardly matters. and its quite an experience to witness that progress towards a stubble and back. Its like being a part of everything about him. Its about loving every facet.

But yea if I am really keen on it and bent to keep the stubble out... I have my ways ;)
NO shave =
2. No cozy together movie watching evenings
3. U R not meeting my mom ... or SISTERS and FRIENDS ;) <poor u>
4. My next gift to u is a shaving kit <jeez no1 gifts that to my dad nemore so u better be quite ashamed of urself>
5. Next to that if u r still on ur way to grow that forest on ur face : I buy u a anti lice shampoo as well


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