Monday, 14 January 2013

Dear girls

When they said men are from mars, they meant no joke you know. The sooner you Venusians get that the happier would life be on Earth, The secret mantra which we mostly tend to overlook is : He is a Martian and you are not, He is alien to you. While that is the reason you are together , that reason may not be just as happy always. Knowing practically everything happening between at least a dozen couples till this hour, All I can suggest is: know what he is. And know this: He is NOT the world to you, coz he simply doesn’t want to be, however you might expect to raise him to that pedestal, he shall never be prepared to, no man has ever been. So better keep his backups planned well in advance. Froms books ,to shopping, to the silliest of soap serials – all work really well, quite easy to substitute really for the short crises .

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