Friday, 23 January 2015

Women in India

From pink rickshaws to pink Passbook, we have done it all to save the beti, secure the bahu and safeguard the behen . But each step does a little more than establish the gender divide  and discrimination.  Face it India will always love the son more.  Man even my hindi spell check on this Chinese phone suggests the word beta so the first option as I type beti probably they know where I live. Yes anyways so here we are turning everything pink but not lifting one finger at the smug son.  Not one step to ensure the guilty is punished. Not one step to show strongly to the male the right n the wrong.  Not one step focused on the men of the nation.  Y? After all its their doing.  You can train a 100000 women n get nowhere till u teach a thousand men to love n respect women.  You can teach a thousand girls how to  fight but they won't win till we have a law which says a no go the men(bold,  underlined and enlarged).  We need laws that make men afraid enough to respect. Everything else that we do is a consolation to ourselves and a disrespect to every woman in the country.  Women are not weak.  The law is.

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