Sunday, 5 February 2012

I once had a bitch …. & I loved her

Yes and she died o fortnight ago. Well that’s not the subject tonight, that story for some other day. Oh! So it’s the month of “love”. It’s Valentines. So let’s talk Relationships… And hell is it complicated. Love, life, quarrels, arguments, break ups, heart breaks and the "I – love- you – truly-madly-deeply" stories. Well, life cannot always remain a fantasy can it; every dream has got to be woken up into reality hasn’t it? Then why expect the magic to last “forever till death doeth us apart”
Probably he fashioned life to be such just to savor the fun from up there… To watch you make much ado about nothings, cry over trifles, and laugh at silliest things… He knows what’s in store to happen while we chalk out our plans and make resolves or determine the conclusions.
Indeed no relation is perfect for ever. Simply because it’s not supposed to be so. That’s how we are, the male and the female- highly compatible and highly conflicting. A glass half full is also a glass half empty. True! But it’s not the same thing to say. Just differences and perceptions which are momentous. Arguments, trouble times happen cause- hello! That’s how it’s meant to be. Probably why it’s never mention precisely how long “happily ever after” actually is. There has to be two sides of every coin like the two banks while any river flows. No person could singularly be blamed, for an argument both parties are partially at flaw and the greater error is in not acknowledging that they are mistaken. Neither of a rivers bank gets sweeter waters…
If he is being a dog you must have been a bitch. If she was a bitch you are being a dog.
Simple logics you see. At times its her at times its you. And so is the sync kept going. Relations might have been made in heavens but they are meant to be treasured and maintained though a lifetime. It  takes patience and care , selflessness and sensibities. Love is a magic, but it has to be performed and practiced and never forsaken into one another’s faults. If you keep your love alive all through the storms, If the and tears and kisses follow each moment of hate melting it into hugs, Bingo! You would have won yet another battle of life. It’s a matter of belief in yourself, trust and the understanding you share… What happens is all you have reaped through your actions. Shirking the blame doesnot really shift it. So brace up to say that sorry and appreciate the happy times with a promise that next time would always be a fresh reason, all old issues being corrected.

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  1. hey, nice insight. But I doubt its application in some cases.


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