Thursday, 9 February 2012

Empty vessels

Sound much, or do they? Really any vessel would sound when dumped together, irrespective of the contents... And yet none do, kept singularly. Cups and saucers, pots and pans, glasses and bowls, plates and spoons, forks and knives! Clink clank clink clank…
Nothing is complete on its own. No one is complete on their own. The black the white, the rich the poor, the male the female, the darkness the light - One wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the other. There wouldn’t be the comparison, the distinction of their existence, their being or their creation. If it weren’t for our sleep, how the hustle of awakening should be defined.  All are delineated by the conflictions, by what is around us. We are circumscribed as much by what we are not as by who we come to be.
Everything is relative, related, interlaced into a beautiful connected verse foretelling one another’s story. Are you who you are or are you what you are not?

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