Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chains that set you aflight

She walked weighed down by a number of norms upon her dainty shoulders, bent double by the encumbrance of expectations and desires. Her tender frame yearned for respite. Of the customs of civilization she had been weary long enough. She lived an existence toiling to come up to the expected and more often insisted. When they show you what you are supposed to be, only then are you moved to spot the disparity between that and what you would wish you were. The chains that bound her stirred the dreams and hopes within her and she found her escape.

While others see your confinement, you rejoice soaring away at your hearts content. for a while they were all upon you knotting upon you the inexhaustible shackles of  civilization. But you found the haven  that sets your wings flying enrapturing you with the boundlessly extended bindings. Shedding behind the feathers of unsolicited authority,you soar high. Higher treasuring within your wings the winds of ethnicity. The initiation of your outrageous flight being provided by the shackles that were meant to never let you go. Now that you have taken your soul to the wind, those are but the chains that set you aflight

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